Day Report 7-3-2016

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 3 - 2016

Miyamoto vs Lansere

The first final of the day was the girls singles. The match was between the number one seeded Ayumi Miyamoto and the surprise of the tournament. In the first set both players were playing their best game. The game plan was clear for both players, Miyamoto was attacking and Lansere was defending. After Miyamoto won the first set with 6-4, she didn’t stop playing her attacking game.
The Russian wasn’t able to fight back and lost the second set with 6-1.
Making the final score 6-4 6-1.
After the match she got her prize and thanked the crowd for an amazing week.

Congratulations Ayumi Miyamoto on winning the Dutch Junior Open Girls Sing

Baez vs Donski

When everyone got back on their seat, the boys singles went on the court.
When they walked on the court, music that they choose themselves got played.
The crowd was really big, because this match had all the ingredients to be the best match of the week. The match was played between Sebastian Baez from Argentina and Alexander Donski from Bulgaria. From the first point on the level of tennis was really high. They showed everything they could, long rallies, drop shots and fast ground strokes.
In the first set Donski showed how good his serve was and it looked like he couldn’t lose his own service game. Until 4-3 in the first set, Donski was taking the lead with one break.
But Baez started making less mistakes and took over the lead and even won the first set 7-5.
At the start of the second set it looked like the match was going to be decided in a third set.
Donski started off playing really good again, but Baez didn’t make any mistakes.
With the confidence Baez got from winning the first set, he kept on going and managed to win the second set with 6-3. Making the final score 7-5 6-3.
Right after winning the match he got his prize. His English was a bit better than the English of our champion in the girls singles, Ayumi Miyamoto.

Congratulations Sebastian Baez on winning the Dutch Junior Open Boys Singles 2016!

Right after the match tournament director Hans Boske received a special prize for his services. After a speech of the praeses of the tennisclub Marko Jan Ducro and trainer and advisor Ronald van der Horst, Hans Boske received a document that thanked him for his long timework for the tournament.

Bergs/ Martineau vs Angele / Tabur

The final of the boys doubles had a high percentage of French players. They were three Frenchman on the court and one Belgian guy, who controls the French language pretty good.
It was a match a lot of people wanted to see. The French and Belgium combination were having a good start with winning the first set with 6-3. At the start of the second set the French duo got back in the game and took a big lead with 5-2. But the Bergs and Martineau didn’t want to play a third set and won the second set with 7-5. Making the final score 6-3 7-5.

Congratulations Zizou Bergs and Mattheo Martineau for winning the Dutch Junior Open Boys Doubles 2016!

It was a great week. We hope we see everyone back next year.

Raoul el Ouni and Bram Kranendonk (press)

Photo album

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 2 - 2016

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Player of the Day – Alexander Donski

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 2 - 2016

Alexander Donski, 17 years old, coming from Canada but playing for Bulgaria.

He won his match against Simon Carr, from Ireland, today.  He won his match with 2-6 6-3 6-1.

Throughout the whole week Donski is playing very good, and because he has a very interesting story, we selected him for the Player of the Day.


Congratulations, you won your match today. What kind of match was it?

Before the game started I didn’t know I was able to win the game, because I got injured.

I couldn’t serve the way I wanted to, because my abs really hurt.

At the start of the first set I didn’t hit my shots deep enough on the court, my opponent took advantage of this and won the first set really easy. Then I changed up my game, and I started playing my shots really close to the baseline. My opponent got frustrated and from that moment on I knew I was going to win the match. Earning this spot in the final is a really important achievement for me, because I want to qualify for the US Open.


You said you weren’t able to serve the way you wanted to, but in the last game you hit three aces. What’s your secret?

The painkillers, haha LOL. And just before my match I got a really good massage from the physical therapist.


The physical therapist is a Dutch girl. We observed you this week and we saw that you were looking at the Dutch girls a lot! What do you think of them?

The Dutch girls look really good. They have a nice body and they are very open and kind. So I hope there are a lot of Dutch girls coming to support me tomorrow.


It’s funny that you say that, because you’re travelling on your own. How come?

I come from a big family, four brothers and one sister, and we don’t have a lot of money to spend.

My mother has to split the money she earns to all of her kids. That’s why I don’t have a coach and we’re always looking for the cheapest hotels and plain tickets.


What do you do besides playing tennis?

Most of the time I’m just hanging around with friends. Listen to some music, but I’m big fan of watching movies and TV shows. At this moment I’m kind of sad, because I don’t have any Wi-Fi at the hotel so I can’t watch the last episode of Game of Thrones. That’s why I’m going to watch Ted 2 tonight, so I can have a laugh and relax before my big match tomorrow.


By the way, you played here two years ago. What’s the difference between the Donski from two years ago and from now.

I got bigger. Mentally and physically I got stronger, and by playing a lot of tournaments I got more experienced as well. And I really developed my game to almost my full potential.


Really? What can you still improve?

Physically I can get stronger, because I’m strong, but not strong enough. Mentally I can get stronger as well, but the biggest problem is that I don’t have enough money to have a coach. Most of the time I’m practicing on my own, or with players that are not on my level. And when you’re practicing with players that are not on your level, you will not improve your game.


So you say that you’re practicing on your own. Why don’t you get any help from the Canadian Tennis Federation?

They send me away because I was not good enough. I was really sad about this, but I turned it around in something positive. Look at this, I am playing the final of a great tournament tomorrow.

So if I win tomorrow, I have the last laugh!


Tomorrow in the final you play against Sebastian Baez (ARG).  What can we expect?

I won’t tell you my game plan, because my opponent will probably read this article and then he will know how I will play tomorrow. But I can tell you one thing for sure, it’s going to be a long match, because Argentinian players are ‘ born’  on clay courts. They bring every ball back and those are the toughest players for me. He is also a small guy and is really fast. He is also playing with a lot of confidence, because he beated the number one seeded in the tournament. Tomorrow he will be the favorite for sure, but I’m playing with a lot of confidence as well, so it will be a close game. That’s why I expect a lot of crowd for the game tomorrow.


So if you win tomorrow, how will you celebrate it on the court?

I will close my eyes and think about my family back home in Canada. I will make a fist with my hand, and that’s it. I’m not a showman.


That’s all man? You have to give us more.

Alright, because I like you two the most of everyone here and give me a good feeling throughout the whole week, I will look at you guys, point my finger to you two, and yell ‘’come on’’ really loud.


The weather is supposed to be really good tomorrow, does that fit your game?

To be honest, not really. The type of game I play suits better on indoor courts, so I hope it will rain tomorrow, and the match will be played indoors. I have been doing a rain dance every day of the tournament, and it has been paying off. There has been a lot of rain this week, so before I go to sleep I will do a rain dance again.


I just want to say one more thing, if I win tomorrow I would love that one of you will bring me a ‘’broodje kroket’’.


We wish you good luck with your match tomorrow, and we will be supporting you for sure!



Dayreport Saturday 2-7-2016

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 2 - 2016

Zizou Bergs against Sebastian Baez


It’s a battle between two former Players of the Day. Sebastian Baez from Argentina is playing Zizou Bergs from Belgium. From the first point on, they showed it was going to be a match on a high level.

Unfortunately they are playing on court 5, and not on court one. At a score of 2-3, in the advantage of Baez, Bergs got in trouble in his own service game. He lost the game and was looking at a 2-4 break. But with some great points he recovered himself and broke Baez on his serve, making it 3-4.

But again Baez was showing how good he is on clay and won Bergs his service game.

With some really powerful forehand shots Bergs managed to break back and make it 4-5.

On 30-40 Baez had the chance to win the first set, but with a great serve on the line he still won the game. The next game Bergs made a lot of mistakes and got 5-6 behind.

Baez had a second chance to win the set on 30-40, with a great forehand winner he managed to win the first set with 6-4.


Baez kept playing really good, but Bergs was making more and more mistakes. With a rough start of Bergs, Baez took a 3-0 lead in the second set. With a fantastic point of Bergs, where he hit a tweener, it looked like he got back in the game. He finally won a game in the second set and got back to 3-1.

Baez was not slowing down and kept playing on a high level, by winning his own service game he was taking the lead with 4-1. With a very long game, and some great rallies, Baez managed to break Bergs serve to go on and serve for the match on 5-1. Baez kept his head in the game and won his own service game. Making the final score 6-4 6-1.

Congratulations Sebastian and good luck in the Final.

Sebastian Baez


Pellicano against Miyamoto


Helene Pellicano (ITA) and Ayumi Miyamoto (JPN) are  battling for the first spot in final of the girls singles. Pellicano was making a lot of errors at the start of the match. The reason for this could be that Pellicano had a really long and though match last round. Pellicano looked tired while the 1st seeded Miyamoto used this to win the first set with 6-2.


At the start of the second set, it looked like Pellicano got her head back in the game and started off well. Pellicano managed to win the service game of her opponent, and took the lead with 3-2.

But with some long rallies, won by the Japanese player, she broke back and took the lead with 3-4.

But again Miyamoto is not able to win her own service game, and she is looking at a break on her serve again. The score is 5-4 for Pellicano and she even has a set point on 40-30, but she was not able to win her service game. At a score of 5-5, Miyamoto changed up her game and started playing really attacking. This switch was a very good decision, because she won the second set with 7-5.

Making the final score 6-2 7-5


Congratulations Ayumi and good luck in the Final.



Piccinetti against Lansere


The other spot in the girls final got battled out between Lisa Piccinetti from Italy and Sofya Lansere from Russia. Piccinetti won her match pretty easy yesterday, but on the court so looked really tired.

This was not changed at the start of the match against Lansere. Lansere won the first set with 6-2.

During the second set Piccinetti got back in the game and it looked like they were going into a third set. But Lansere played too good and won the second set with 6-4. Making the final score 6-2 6-4.


Congratulations Sofya and good luck in the Final.


Donski against Carr


Then there was the match between Alexander Donski  from Canada and Simon Carr from Ireland.

It ended in a third set win for Donski, with a score of 2-6 6-3 6-1. He is the Player of the Day, so you can read more about him and his match in that article.


Bergs (BEL)/Martineau (FRA) against Klimov (RUS)/Noskin (RUS)


The match for a spot in the boys doubles final was done so fast it looked like it barely happened.

Bergs just lost his singles semi-final in the morning, so he was pumped to get a spot in the doubles final. Bergs and his doubles partner Martineau were off to a great start by winning the first set with 6-1. The Russian combination Klimov and Noskin didn’t have a chance. Bergs and Martineau kept playing their game and managed to earn a spot in the final by winning the second set with 6-2.

Making the final score 6-1 6-2.


Congratulations Bergs and Martineau and good luck in the Final.



Baez (ARG)/Tirante (ARG) against Angele (FRA)/Tabur (FRA)


Baez who just earned himself a spot in the final of the boys singles is trying to earn a second spot in a final with his Argentinian partner Tirante. They are battling for the spot against Angele and Tabur from France. For the Argentinian combination it looked like it was going to be a good start to earn the second spot in the final of the boys doubles. They were 5-4 up but didn’t manage to win the game or the set. The first set was got decided in the tiebreak. The tiebreak got won by the France duo, with 7-3 in the break.

In the second set it was make or break for the Argentinian guys. But they were not able to win the second set. Making the final score 7-6 6-4.


Congratulations Angele and Tabur and good luck in the Final.


Kruger (RSA)/ Umarova (UZB) against Miyamoto (JPN)/Sato (JPN)


The match which got the most attention by the crowd was the final of the girls doubles. It was a battle between  Zoe Kruger with Komola Umarova against Ayumi Miyamoto with Himari Sato.

The first set Kruger and Umarova started off really good.  They managed to win the first set with 6-3.

But the Japanese duo was not giving up and started playing better. First they got 4-2 behind, but with their good volleys they won the second set with 6-4. Again the Japanese girls started really good in the super-tiebreak. They took a three point lead, the score was 7-4. But the combination of Kruger and Umarova, who played together for the first time, got back in the game and won 6 points in a row.

Making the final score 6-3 4-6 10-7 for Zoe Kruger and Komola Umarova.

Congratulations Zoe and Komola for winning the Dutch Junior Open Girls Doubles.

Day report Friday July 1st

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 2 - 2016

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Player of the Day: Ayumi Miyamoto from Japan

Barnard mania in Castricum

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 2 - 2016

This week Lee & Zani Barnard (17) are in the Netherlands for the Dutch Junior Open. They already lost in the tournament, but the South – African twin sisters left a good impression after this week.

Their career started at age 7. Their father worked in a small town in South-Africa, next to that was a tennis court. The girls were running through the house and through the streets all day long, so their mom was having troubles keeping them under control, that’s why their mom decided to let them play tennis. Later showing to be a really good choice.

With twins there is always the question: who is who? The sisters Barnard can be recognized pretty easy, because of their difference in personality. The oldest of the two is Zani. According to her younger sister Lee she is a bit more hectic. Where Lee is the calmer one and just waits till she acts, Zani is more naughty and is ready for a talk with everyone. This is the same with everything except for fashion, than Lee knows exactly what she wants. They don’t always get along. Disappointing for Lee is that she always loses a discussion, because Zani is older she wins most of the time, at least that’s what she thinks.When it comes to tennis it’s a different story. In the past they’ve played each other a couple of times and Lee managed to win some of them. ‘’Sometimes when we have to play each other we just flip a coin, who is going to win that match. That’s because we just can’t play seriously, because every time we look each other in the eyes, we just start laughing. Sometimes we let each other win and the loser will get some new clothes or different stuff’’, according to Zani. The girls know of each other what the strong points on the court are.

Zani: ‘’I think my sister is a very attacking player and she plays very close to the baseline. She is very calm on the court and she doesn’t get distracted by anything. Especially her volleys are very strong, that’s why I really like to play doubles with her.’’

Lee: ‘’My sister is a very strong player with a good serve and her backhand is really strong. Next to that she’s able to change up her game, by using more spin in her shots.’’

Lee has been to the Netherlands before, but for Zani this is her first time. The girls love the Netherlands and they especially think the Dutch people are very friendly. They think the tournament is very well organized. And they enjoy playing here because they understand the Dutch language.They love the Netherlands the most because of the bicycles. They enjoy going out on their bikes.During the Dutch Junior Open they have been to the beach a couple of times. That’s a funny story, because the weather this week has been awful. On Thursday both of the girls had to play a singles match. It was a day of waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Because of the rain the matches got delayed. The girls were struggling with this. It already is a week where they are learning a lot, because the girls are not used to play on clay. The way they play is better when they play on faster courts. The power tennis, what they like to play, is not working on the clay courts.That’s why they keep in Castricum to practice and work on their variety of shots.

This week they are being guided by their coach Terrey Schweitzer. The girls see her as their mom. ‘’I think she’s the sweetest person on the tour. Besides being really funny, she makes us feel comfortable’’, according to Lee. What gets my attention is the fact that she learns the girls really what is important and what is not important to reach the top at this moment. She thinks that the girls shouldn’t be on their phones that much, but they should be concentrated on tennis. When Terrey said this, Zani started laughing. She doesn’t always agree with it, but she accepts it. Besides that neither of the girls have a boyfriend, but they are not busy with that because it distracts them too much. The relationship between the three is very good and they have a lot of fun together. Terrey tries to tell the girls stories from older players, like Steffi Graf, but the girls just laugh because they rather watch players from today. Zani is a big fan of Victoria Azarenka and Lee is more into Maria Sharapova. But after she’s caught using performance enhancing supplements she is looking for a new idol.

So the girls travel together a lot and they love to do that. ‘’It’s just really nice to travel with my sister. You always have someone you know you can play doubles with and practice with. We are away from home a long time, so it’s nice to have some family around you. It makes it a bit easier. When you are alone in a foreign country and you don’t know the language, it can be pretty scary, but we have never had that yet, because we’re traveling and lets be honest two people know more than one’’, says Zani.

The girls have been to a lot of countries , but they still like to travel. Zani was the most impressed by China, where she tried some traditional dishes. Lee wants to go to Italy again, because of the restaurants and the beach. She loves to lay on the beach to work on her tan. Zani loves to listen to all kinds of music and to do stuff with friends. For now they the girls can’t go on vacation yet. This year is going to be very important for their school. A lot of times you see when players are going to college, tennis gets less important. Lee wants to study biochemical engineering, this is a really though course, but with her good grades she will not have any troubles with it. “When you want something, you have to work hard for it, only than it will pay off.” Zani is not sure what she wants to do yet. She would like to do something with optometry. Terrey thinks it’s really important that the girls go to college, so if they don’t make it with tennis they still got a backup.

If we will see them next year is a big question, because you never know how it will go with tennis, but they will not forget the Netherlands. They don’t want to say in how many years we can see them on the television playing at one of the Grand Slams. Terrey also thinks it’s hard to say.‘’It depends on so many factors. The transition from the youth to the seniors is very hard. Everything has to be right. It’s hoping they won’t get any injuries and they just keep enjoying the game. It would be a real accomplishment if they reach the top, coming from such a small country with few possibilities, but I believe more than 100% in my girls and I think they deserve it. They are like daughters to me.’’

(From left to right: Zani Barnard, Terrey Schweitzer and Lee Barnard)

Day report Thursday the 30th of June

Dutch Junior Open On juni - 28 - 2016

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Player of the Day: Zizou Bergs from Belgium

Order of play Wednesday and up to date draws are online!

Dutch Junior Open On juni - 28 - 2016

Order of play Wednesday the 29th of June and all the draws (including doubles) are online!

Player of the day Tuesday the 28th of June: Ryan Nijboer

Dutch Junior Open On juni - 28 - 2016

Ryan Nijboer, a 16 year old Dutch talent, played his first round match in the boys’ main draw against Ewen Lumsden from Great Britian. The Dutch player received a Wild Card from the Dutch tennis association and proved why.

Ryan, you played here last year as well. What do you remember of that performance?

Yes that’s true. I do remember it. The first round I won, but in the second I lost with 7-5 6-4 (I suppose) against the winner of the tournament Ugo Humbert.

What is the difference between the Ryan of this year and the Ryan of last year?

I have made some steps because I am older and stronger. Practicing 6 times a week improves your skills.

Your match today against Ewen Lumsden: try to describe it!

The first set I played very good tennis. But in the second set the balls became softer, so the rallies were getting longer. I was 5-4 and 6-5 behind, had to play my best tennis when my opponent had a set point. In the tiebreak it was really close; I played a ball outside the line at 7-6 for Ewen, but he could not find the mark and I won the tiebreak with 9-7 and the match.

You play doubles with Ajeet Rai from New Zealand. How did you get in touch with him?

True! I know Ajeet a few years and two weeks ago we played our first double tournament in Berlin (Grade 1). We won the tournament, so I think we are a good combi: we will play the double tournament in Bakkum as well. He lost his match in the main draw singles today, but will be back on Wednesday with me.

Nice story! In April you won a grade 4 tournament in England. Well done! What’s the difference in your opinion between that grade 4 in Nottingham and our grade 2 tournament in Bakkum?

The difference is of course the level. When I played the semi-final and the final in Nottingham, you can compare that with the first round at this tournament.

How do you prepare yourself before a match?

Listening music, warming up on and off court, making a sign in the strings of my racket are my preparations before a match.

We noticed that after your first serve you remove the ball from the court, even if it’s a meter from the net. Is there a reason for it?

No, I always do this. I take my rest while I am doing this and it makes me stronger. Other players may not do that, but for me it has a positive impact.

What do you when you are not busy with tennis?

Ehhh, well…. Hanging out with friends and family, but also doing some other sports. Tennis is my life and I have the ambition to become a professional tennis player. Hopefully my performances will lead to playing at Wimbledon next year on the ITF juniors’ circuit.

Who is your tennis idol?

That is Rafael Nadal. Why? Because he is a real fighter, never gives up. He inspires me a lot!

Thank you, Ryan for this interview. We wish you all the best in the rest of the TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open and hope that you can reach as far as you can! :-)

Player of the day


Dayreport Monday June 27

Dutch Junior Open On juni - 27 - 2016

Day 2, Monday June 27: Final qualification matches played after rainy conditions
Due the bad weather the morning matches were delayed to the afternoon. Luckily the sun came through which resulted in dry tennis courts. All the final matches of the qualification draw were played.
The matches should start at 10.00, but due to the bad weather they were delayed. After a lot of patience the players were able to start at 13.30, because of the sun and a busy groundsman.

All the seeded players in the ladies final reached the main draw.

In the boys schedule the third seeded player Ribero lost his match against Lumsden after a fierce battle of tennis. Lumsden won the match in three sets 7-5 5-7 6-2. Unfortunately all the Dutch players could not win their matches.

Today was the day that the players had to sign in for the main draw of the tournament. Matches will start at 10.00 and there will also be evening matches at 19.00.
Later in the evening at 20.00 the Keez game will be played: a typically Dutch game. Everyone who wants to play is invited!!

Oleksandra Andrieieva (Ukraine) won all her quali matches and deserved to be in the main draw