We are in the final stage of the tournament. Normally the Saturday is for the semi final and on Sunday it's finals day. However, due to the heavy storm and rain on Wednesday, the schedule of play has changed. Players can expect a long day with tropical circumstances. Quality will not be the only aspect of today, fitness will also comes into play now.

Julia Stusek (Germany) - Rose Marie Nijkamp (Netherlands)
At 9.30 the privilege was for the first seeded Julia Stusek from Germany and the Dutch Rose Marie Nijkamp (7th seeded) to open the day on centre court. The toss decided that Julia started to serve. Rose Marie her game plan got clear straight away: she wanted to have the initiative and act on a high pace. In the opening game she started full of confident, broke the serve of Julia and stayed ahead during the first set. The Dutch played convincing and offensive tennis; Julia did not know what to do and could not show the level that she wanted to show. Rose Marie broke the first seeded at 3-1 and 5-1 by staying aggressive and by approaching the net sometimes. At the end of the first set, the scoreboard showed 6-1 for the 7th seeded Dutch.
It was Julia who had a great start in the first set by breaking Rose Marie in the first game. The question was how the Dutch would react on being behind in the set. She stayed calm, kept her game plan as it was and managed to break back directly. With flawless groundstrokes, where especially her backhand long line was very impressive, she took the momentum and the lead. The German tried to slow down the rallies by playing higher balls in the back field of the court. Rose Marie played the ball high back, waited for her chance to attack and succeeds when she got an easier ball. At 5-2, Julia saved two matchpoints and fought her way to 5-3. It didn't bother the Dutch: she won the next game and finds herself back in the semi finals.
After the match, Rose Marie was more than satisfied. "I have played good offensive tenniss and was smart when I had to. My plan was to start aggressive, hit the bal at a high pace. Yesterday I lost the first set with 6-0, so I was keen on a good start."
Later in the afternoon Rose Marie had to play her semi final match against the 4th seeded Kaitlyn Rolls from the USA, who battled 3,5 hours in her quarter final match against the Swedish Taraba Wallberg. The level that Rose Marie showed against Kaitlyn was better than her match earlier on the day. Nothing went wrong and she gave her American opponent just 1 game by winning the match with 6-1 and 6-0. 
In the evening session, Rose Marie also reached the girls doubles final with her partner Joy de Zeeuw. Her day could not get any better!

Rose Marie Nijkamp (on the right hand side) showed some skills during her 2 matches on Saturday (on the left: Julia Stusek)

Noemi Basiletti (Italy) - Joy de Zeeuw (Netherlands)
On this day, an exciting tennis match took place between Joy de Zeeuw from the Netherlands and Noemi Basiletti from Italy. Joy de Zeeuw was seeded 10th in the tournament, while Noemi Basiletti held the 2nd seed. It promised to be an intriguing battle between these talented players.

Noemi Basiletti, the Italian tennis player, is known as a true clay court specialist who enjoys engaging in long rallies. She is patient and strategic in her game. On the other side of the net stood Joy de Zeeuw, who aimed to keep the points short with powerful and flat shots. The contrast in playing styles foreshadowed an exciting confrontation.

The match started evenly, with both players giving their best effort. At a score of 3-2 in favor of Basiletti, two long games ensued, both of which were won by the Italian. This extended her lead to 5-2 in the first set. However, De Zeeuw did not give up and continued to fight for every point. Unfortunately, she struggled to put pressure on the Italian. Basiletti maintained her exhausting game plan and ultimately won the first set with a score of 6-2.

In the second set, Joy de Zeeuw continued to display courage and determination, but fatigue started to take its toll. Basiletti remained patient and played to her strengths. Despite many beautiful rallies and efforts, De Zeeuw couldn't turn the tide of the match. Noemi Basiletti dominated the game and ultimately emerged victorious with a score of 6-2, 6-2.
The Italian also won her following match in two sets by winning against the Belgian Jeline Vandromme. Noemi won in straight sets with 7-5 and 6-2. She can call herself finalist of the Dutch Junior Open!

Noemi Basiletti (on the left) won her both matches and is finalist! (on the right: Joy de Zeeuw)

Theo Papamalamis (France) - Ivan Ivanov (Bulgaria)
On court 2 an exciting tennis match took place between Theo Papamalamis from France and Ivan Ivanov from Bulgaria. Both players were ready to compete on the tennis court and showcase their skills.

The first set was highly competitive, with both players displaying their best tennis. It was a thrilling battle with interesting twists and turns. Ultimately, one break made the difference in favor of Theo Papamalamis, securing him the first set with a score of 6-4. The set was filled with variety, with players employing drop shots, charging the net, and hitting powerful shots from the baseline. The audience enjoyed the diverse play and the competitive atmosphere on the court.

However, in the second set, it seemed as if Ivan Ivanov ran out of steam. He couldn't muster up a challenging fight and failed to make the match exciting. On the other hand, Theo Papamalamis remained solid and capitalized on his opponent's weakness. With conviction and determination, he won the second set with a score of 6-1, securing victory in the match.
Theo also managed to win his following match in straight sets (6-4 and 6-2) by winning against Oskar Grzegorzewski from Poland. The French reach the finale without losing a single set in his route to the finale. Impressive!

Theo Papamalamis (on the left) is the finalist in the boys singles! (on the right: Ivan Ivanov)

In the final Theo will play against the lefty Alexander Vasilev from Bulgaria. Alexander did not play well in the opening set against Lechno-Wasiutynski from Poland. Alexander made too many unforced errors and lost the set with 6-1. The Bulgarian was able to find his game play better and better during the second set with exploding services and groundstrokes. The boy from Poland was not able to defend the powerhouse from Bulgaria and lost the second and third set with 6-2.