Dayreport Finals

The day of the finals has arrived and it will be filled with exciting matches!

Romeo Arcuschin (Argentina)/Oskar Grzegorzewski (Poland) - Nikola Djosic (Switserland)/Duje Markovina (Croatia)
The first match of the day is between the teams of Romeo Arcuschin and Oskar Grzegorzewski on one side, and Nikola Djosic and Duje Markovina on the other. This match marked the first match of the final day and promised to be a thrilling contest.

Djosic and Markovina started the match strong and quickly secured a break. They took a comfortable 5-2 lead, seemingly having control over the match. However, Arcuschin and Grzegorzewski began to fight back. They made fewer errors and showed resilience. With an impressive comeback, they managed to break back, leveling the score at 5-5.

Both teams were evenly matched, and the set had to be decided in an intense tiebreak. In the tiebreak, neither duo gave an inch. Points were fiercely contested, and every shot counted. At a 10-10 tiebreak score, Djosic and Markovina missed a crucial smash, giving Arcuschin and Grzegorzewski an opportunity to serve for the first set. They seized this chance immediately and won the first set 7-6, with the tiebreak ending at 12-10.

With the first set in hand, Arcuschin and Grzegorzewski entered the second set with confidence. They played with focus and made minimal errors. Meanwhile, fatigue started to take its toll on Djosic and Markovina. The team of Arcuschin and Grzegorzewski dominated the second set and swiftly won it 6-2.

After an exhilarating match, Romeo Arcuschin and Oskar Grzegorzewski emerged as the deserving winners of the Dutch Junior Open tournament in the boys' doubles category. They displayed resilience after an early deficit, played with few errors, and remained composed in crucial moments. It was an impressive achievement for this duo, showcasing their skills on the tennis court.

Noemi Basiletti (Italy) - Rose Marie Nijkamp (Netherlands)
The second match of the day was between the Italian Noemi Basiletti and the Dutch Rose Marie Nijkamp. Basiletti had participated in the tournament last year but was eliminated in the third round. This time, she aimed for the victory. Nijkamp became the first Dutch player to reach the tournament's final since 2007.

Nijkamp started the match strong with an early break, taking a 2-0 lead. However, Basiletti started to find her rhythm, and the tension seemed to fade away. The Italian made almost no errors and hit deep shots into the court. With Basiletti's strong play, Nijkamp had few opportunities, and the score became 5-2 in favor of the Italian. Although Basiletti made a few mistakes, allowing Nijkamp to come back to 5-4, the Italian managed to serve out the set and won it 6-4.

The second set started similarly, with Nijkamp securing an early break once again. However, it appeared that the pressure got to Nijkamp this time. The Dutch player began to hit more double faults, and the match slipped away from her. Noemi Basiletti won the second set as well, with a score of 6-4.

With this victory, Noemi Basiletti was officially crowned as the winner of the Dutch Junior Open 2023. She demonstrated her determination to win the tournament this year. Rosie Marie Nijkamp can still be proud of her performance, as she became the first Dutch player in years to reach the final of the tournament.

On a cloudy day, the exciting women's doubles final took place between the Dutch duo Joy de Zeeuw and Rose Marie Nijkamp, ​​and the Czech team consisting of Nela Jandova and Marie Slamenikova. Due to the bad weather forecast, it was decided to start the game on court 5, a choice that turned out to be very wise due to the impending bad weather.

The game started right away with some notable mistakes by the Czech couple. They seemed a bit nervous and struggled to find their rhythm in the opening set. On the other hand, the Dutch ladies played very diversely and were extremely dangerous, especially at the net. Cleverly using their strategies, they delivered well-timed volleys and smashes, quickly building up a lead.

The first set went to the Dutch duo with conviction, partly thanks to the unnecessary mistakes of the Czech opponents.
The scoreboard indicated 6-0 in favor of the Dutch.

In the second set, however, the Czechs seemed to make a turnaround. They started to get into their game better and managed to put a lot of pressure on the Dutch. It became a real battle between the two teams, with some exciting breaks on both sides. The Czech players showed their resilience and fought back in the game.

The intensity increased as the set went on and both couples didn't budge an inch. However, the Dutch duo remained determined and kept fighting for every point. The couple from the Netherlands won with 6-0 7-6. 

On an unforgettable afternoon, the men's final of the Dutch Junior Open 2023 took place, with Bulgarian player Alexander Vasilev and the French opponent meeting in a breathtaking battle. With full stands and a wonderful atmosphere, it was a final that the spectators will not soon forget.

Both gentlemen started the match with a high tempo and there was little to distinguish them from each other. They gave each other no room to breathe and every point was critical. Unfortunately, Vasilev made some mistakes at key moments, so the first set went to the Frenchman with a score of 4-6.

However, Vasilev was not discouraged and recovered well in the second set. The game went on very evenly and both players gave everything they had. The Bulgarian bit into the game and managed to win some exciting service games. With a nice break he managed to take the second set 7-5, which increased the tension in the match.

The third set was a true titanic battle, with both men conceding nothing to each other. Every point was fiercely fought and the tension was to cut.
The crowd was treated to high quality tennis from both players. With great shots, strategic play and exceptional stamina, the set kept going.

In the end, a tiebreak had to make the decision. The tension rose to a head as both players fought for every point. After an intense battle the Bulgarian came out on top. What a great final, we will see you next year!