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The TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open (formerly known as the Van Keeken Tournament or the Biesterbos Open) has grown since its first edition to become the largest international youth tennis championship in the Netherlands and ranks among the top 25 youth tennis tournaments worldwide. The TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open, already in its 64th edition, will be held from Sunday, July 2nd, to July 9th. The qualifications will take place on July 2nd and 3rd. Similar to previous years, this year's tournament will be hosted at the tennis courts of TC Bakkum in Castricum. Last year, the enthusiastic audience in the final weekend enjoyed high-level tennis matches. The boys' champion of the previous edition was Antoine Ghibaudo from France, while Federica Urgesi from Italy claimed the title in the girls' category. The tournament has a rich history, and its traditional atmosphere still prevails. Each year, the event brings a lot of joy and camaraderie to the Vinkenbaan tennis park. Make sure to follow the news updates on this website to stay informed about all the latest tournament news. We hope to welcome you at the TC Bakkum courts during the tournament.

Current Staff:
Tournament director: Ronald van der Horst Treasurer: Ruud Lokenberg General matters: Hans Gielink, Ruud Lokenberg, Joke Kranendonk, Jan Tunteler, Tijmen van der Horst and Janique Ziedses des Plantes Tournament management: Laura Brouwer and Yvo van der Horst Housing: Ges Oosterlaar, Esmee van der Horst, Claudia Veerkamp and Femke Visser Sponsoring: Ronald van der Horst, Ruud Lokenberg and Hans Boske Press: Jan van der Beek, Bram Kranendonk, Yuna Zweet, Sophie Groen, Marnix Blom.

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Between hotel and club, starting Saturday, July 1st, 8.00 a.m. Pick-up from airports is not included in hospitality. Pick-up from railway station Castricum is possible if informed about the arrival time early in advance.